Welcoming Day BBQ 2009


                  If there’s a fashion to get your new semester underway in a very Malaysian style, the MASCA Welcoming Day BBQ was sure to be it. Being one of our trademark events for all the Malaysians in Queensland, this event serves the purpose of greeting and introducing old and new members alike to everything Malaysian associated that they need to know.  The BBQ which was held at the UQ Natural Amphitheater (more commonly known as UQ Lakes) catered to a number of 300 Malaysian students and non students alike. The known Malaysian societies in Queensland which participated were UQMSA, QUTMySA, BUMA, USQ, Kelab UMNO Queensland, and PPMQ. This event also served as a platform for everyone to register as any of the other club members. The clubs and societies tents were heavily decorated and fun-packed with activities creating a carnival-like atmosphere to the event.


                    Dr. Nasir, our MSD Director kindly spared his time again to fly from Sydney becoming the guest of honor for the event. Already a common figure to everyone here, his presence brought a sense of formality into the event. This presumably made all the clubs and societies including MASCA itself felt much more appreciated that our hard work and efforts are being noticed by the Malaysian Student’s Department of Australia.



                     The emcees for the day were MASCA’s very own Tomoko Kawada and Abu Zaid who kept the event alive all day long. A BBQ would never be complete without a performance and so the entertainment for the day was a mini performance by Hazri, Nijam, and Abu accompanied by Anas on guitar. Each sang a song of their own affectionately charming everyone present. The highlight of the day was the ‘poco-poco’ dance lead by Nijam which turned out to be a new experience for those who usually watches the elderly ones do it during any functions. 

                 The foods,the entertainment and the people were definitely the perfect ingredient for the BBQ. This event would not be done without the ideas from our project managers, Karen Moy and Michael for which we, MASCA ourselves would like to thank them for the effort.

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