Queensland Sports Carnival 2009

Ask anyone that has been around for quite sometime and they will tell that a very synonym trait with MASCA would be its sporting events. Advocating its members to a healthy lifestyle and inducing a good sportsmanship spirit in them, MASCA proceeded with its 2nd Queensland Sports Carnival from the 24th of April till the 26th of April. 

The format for this year’s QSC was the same as the year before. Each participant was divided into 4 houses, yellow,blue, black and red. With various sports being contested, every participant battled it out hardly to secure and contribute points for their respective houses. 

QSC ended with the yellow house being overall champions with the most points, collected from the sport events that were contested which were, futsal, touch rugby, netball, volleyball, basketball, badminton and frisbee. The prize giving ceremony was held together with a BBQ. Overall, new talents were discovered and many were handpicked and selected to be part of the respected teams competing for The National Conference & Games in Sydney. QSC was proven a success and much gratitude should be given to the project managers for the event, Hajar Pahmi and Nur Izzati Roslan.

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