Aus flyer-FA2

    Jump start your career during the GRADUAN recruitment drive in Brisbane
    If you are a Malaysian student interested in internship or graduate opportunities back home, this is an event not to be missed!!

    The GRADUAN recruitment drive gives you to opportunity to have an interview with some of Malaysia’s based blue-chip companies who are in Australia looking to recruit Malaysian students and graduates. For the first time, scheduled interviews will be offered in Brisbane as part of the drive and we are currently looking for applications from interested students.

    Companies participating in the GRADUAN Australia Recruitment Drive include:

    1. Accenture
    2. Bank Negara Malaysia
    3. SapuraCrest Petroleum
    4. Maybank
    5. Intel
    6. Maxis
    7. SHELL
    8. ExxonMobil
    9. Contact Singapore
    10. Many more!!

    Employers listed above will be traveling to Sydney and Melbourne and whether they visit Brisbane will depend on the number of CVs collected from students. It is important that we make the most of this opportunity, as response to this recruitment drive may also determine if it is offered again in the future.

    Interviews will be held at the UQ St Lucia campus on Thursday, 15 October from 9.00am-5.00pm. If you are interested in internships or graduate opportunities with any of the above companies or other organisations in Malaysia please make sure that you send your resume to as soon as possible. Last day for accepting applications is 15 September, but the earlier the better.

    PLEASE NOTE:  by submitting your resume, you also indicate that you ARE AVAILABLE to attend interviews on 15 October 2009.

    If you would like to meet with a particular company, please specify in your email.

    Any questions can be sent to

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