MASCA is a non-profit organization run by students for students formed in April 2001. The organization was envisaged to a body where various independent societies will be well represented and remain autonomous. Under MASCA, all existing Malaysian student societies around Australia form an affiliation with the organization. Hence, the organization will act as an avenue for the interaction for these student bodies with the assistance of office bearers from the Malaysian Students Department.

MASCA was formed with a vision to facilitate the unification and interaction of various Malaysian bodies and their members in Australia. In addition to that, MASCA also helps to develop and equip the future leaders of Malaysian with necessary skills.

MASCA is an organization run by students for students

MASCA is a multiracial and multicultural organization, depicting the true spirit of Malaysia

MASCA is neither to be a politically aligned organization nor a lobby group for any other interest group.

MASCA Queensland is directly under Malaysian Student Department Australia (MSDA) located in Sydney. The main objectives of MSDA are :

1.  To ensure the ‘Modal Insan’ programme is implemented to produce skilled overseas graduates that are charismatic, competitive and holistic, in accordance with the nation’s aspiration.

2.  To ensure the Malaysian Students welfare is well taken care of with the services and facilities provided by MSDA.

3.  To ensure administrative details, students’ records and performances are accurate and well-kept in order to help with the planning of the nation’s workforce.

4.  To make MSDA as a One-Stop-Point Resource Centre in issues relating to welfare, security, education and vocational.

5.  To initiate internationalization programmes targeting towards achieving excellence for Malaysia Higher Education.

6.  To ensure the administrative and finances of MSDA are operationally effective in meeting the objective and goals of the Department.

7.  To increase the quality of consular services to Malaysian citizens and residents of Australia.

For more information about MSDA, visit http://www.msda.org.au.

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