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Where to get halal meat?

When I first arrived in Brisbane, I wasn’t sure how I will go about getting halal meat for my daily meals. It was an initial worry that later disappeared once I found out where halal meat are made available in the city. Below is a directory that will show you how to get to Ismail butcher in Fortitude Valley.

Below is the contact number if you wish to make further inquiries:

Tel:(07) 3252 5295

Address: Cnr Warner and Wickham Streets Fortitude Valley, 4006, QLD

Following are the buses that goes to Fortitude Valley from King George Square (Adelaide Street):

  • 375  ( stop at Brunswick St & Gregory Tce, Stop 7 )
  • 306 ( stop at Wickham St, Stop 8 )
  • 203 ( stop at Warner St, Stop 203 )
  • 199 ( Brunswick St, Stop 8 )

If you need more information to plan out your journey, visit

D.I & A.A

Interesting Events

For a new student, exploring a new place is both challenging and interesting. With the information provided above, things will be more easier. however, this time I will provide information about interesting events happens around Brisbane City. Check this out…

Heaps of information is provided, read it, go for it and experience it with full-heart.


Hey peeps! Seeing as we’re in the process of jazzing up this MASCA website AND attempting to bring some useful information out to you guys and gals, here’s a compilation of some tidbits of information on getting in and around Brisbane.

Firstly, it’s useful to know that the Brisbane transport system map out Brisbane into 5 distinct zones (23 zones in South East Queensland as a whole). The zones are indicative of the fairs charged. On the illustration below you can see how QuT is located in zone 1, UQ (situated in St. Lucia) as zone 2, the City in Zone 1 etc,… Places with a 2/3zone for example, just means that your destination has unluckily fallen between 2 zones so you’d have to pay for both zone 2 and zone 3.

As a quick reference, lists of the prices charged per zone are also indicated below. ‘Adult’ fare are at the bottom left and ‘Concessions’ (i.e. kah-ching!! just be sure you have the proper student ID on you…and yes they do check)on the right.

There’s also a range of different tickets for you to choose, from single, daily and even off-peak (9am-3:30pm and after 7pm) tickets. For those of you that can’t be bothered with the hassle of finding loose change (and that’s another tip for you, the bus drivers hate large notes!) there’s the option of weekly and monthly tickets- although these needs to be purchased at various newsstands and news agents rather than on the bus itself. And for those at the cutting-edge of modernism and prefer not having to deal with the drivers’ altogether, the option of purchasing a ‘go’ card is available. The ‘go’ card merely involves paying a deposit for the card itself (about $5 I think) and topping it up with money, so that all that’s left to do is to swipe the designated touch pad as you go on and off the bus.

All in all, using the Brisbane transport system is a relatively quick, easy and cheap way to get around. A single ticket will get you on 3 different types of transport; the bus, ferry AND train (henceforth designated as BFT by yours truly for the remainder of this piece); so if you’re new you can knock yourself out exploring Brisbane from different angles. And even more importantly, the BTF are pretty accurate with regards to following their timetables.

You should note however that the frequency and availability of the BFT will depend on where you live- as expected, the busier the area the greater the availability and frequency of transport. Nevertheless, the BTF networks are quite extensive so you’d be far-fetched to find a place that you CAN’T reach.

And lastly, if you DO want to go somewhere, but have no idea as to HOW to actually get there, have no fear! On the  Translink website (the body operating the BTF), you’ll find conveniently placed on the right-hand column of the front page, the JOURNEY PLANNER. The planner is an absolute gift from god if you have the bearings of a crazed campus or the memory of a goldfish. Just type in where you’re travelling from and where you want to go and it will give a list of different ways you can get there using the BTF (with estimated time travels).

Ok, well that’s it from me…if you’d like any more additional information with regards to timetables and such, the translink ( website mentioned above is a pretty comprehensive tool and easy to navigate.

As such, I wish you the best of travels and explorations… and bid you adieu, till next time!


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